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Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Favorite Time of Year to Ride!

My Favorite Time to Ride

The crickets are chirping, the air is drier and the nights decidedly cooler. While I don't want to rush out of summer and into fall, I do love this time of year most of all to ride, be with horses and enjoy the outdoors.
Something about the quality of light and the smell in the air. Something about the leaves beginning to rustle in the wind, the huge mixed flocks of blackbirds, starlings and cowbirds swirling through the sky or lining the wires. And yes, even something about needing a sweater when the sun goes down, or feeling a chill when I walk out to the barn in the morning.

I was born in the fall, and I don't know if that matters, but it has always seemed like "my time of year." Riding during these days never fails to make me smile, and feel great. Even the occasional rainy day is fine, when you have a great ride and come inside to dry off and have a cup of tea.

Anybody want to share their favorite time of year to ride?

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