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Thursday, February 3, 2011

What do you really want?

When we work with people in our clinics, one theme that recurs is expectations and goals. So often we are not even sure of our own desires and motivations, and how our choices affect our paths. It is helpful to share with an outside observer to see the picture more clearly.
How well do you know what your own goals are? How often do you make choices in your life that will help you further on your path toward those goals versus making choices that interfere or side track those goals? And do you know the difference between dreams and goals?
Recently I have read several good pieces on realizing goals from all sorts of people, riders, actors, politicians, writers. One common thread is to be clear in what you awnt, and what it will take to achieve it. Can you make the choices and perhaps some sacrifices to ensure you achieve YOUR goals? If not, does that mean that perhaps what you thought you wanted and what you really want are not in line? Or do you sabotage your own success, thereby avoiding finding out if you might not be as good as you wish you could be?
This year, when setting goals for you and your horse, play out the whole picture. Want to get certain scores or jump certain heights? Want to enter your first rated show? Or trail ride for a weekend someplace new? make a list of the steps you will have to take, and the time and effort need to accomplish them. be as precise as you can. Now, read the list over. Still want to do it? Great! Get started--do step one today--right now.
Feels like too much? Okay, take a step back. Should you rethink this goals, or are you just a bit nervous?
Answering questions like these, and taking things a step at a time will help you clarify your real desires, and when your actions and desires are in line, you will succeed--at whatever it is you put your energy toward.
Happy riding!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


UVM workshop is now Sat. Feb 12 1-5 at Spear St barn
Hibernia Farm is now Sun. March 6 1-5 in Shoreham.
See you there!