Discover your ideal relationship with your horse

CEGA creates an atmosphere of openness and trust in which to explore your own special horse-human bond. We want to help you remove blocks, deepen your awareness of the power within, and help you achieve your goals.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


The best way to start toward realizing the fullest potential in your partnership with your horse to attend one of our 3 day workshops. Arriving the night before to settle in to the farm, meet your fellow participants and the CEGA team, you will spend 3 days working with all three team members both individually and as a group.
While your horses enjoy their energy and massage "spa" treatment with Judith, Barb will begin to explore the hidden potential within you for a clearer understanding of your self and your horse. Each day you will have the opportunity to create a new relationship with your horse on the ground and under saddle with Kate.

All three partners work collaboratively to bring out the best in your horse and you. As professionals and equine intuitives, the team creates the ideal setting for growth and development through clear communication and recognition of potential problem areas.

Want to learn more? email info@cegavt.com or visit our website www.cegavt.com!


This is the first trial post for our new blog. We invite everyone who loves their horse and cherishes the connection they share to follow us as we introduce our work.

Our team:
Judith--licensed Equine Massage therapist and intuitive equine energy worker par excellence! Judith will let your horses body speak to her, and help guide you to a better of understanding of how he's feeling and thinking, allowing you to gain insight into your working relationship and the physical relationship you share.

Barb--Super coach! With an MA in Personal Exploration, Barb will help guide through the maze of mental and emotional clutter that can interfere with having a purer, deeper, and more honest relationship with your horse than you thought possible.

Kate--Nationally recognized instructor, professional equestrian coach, competitor, and choreographer, Kate will take the pieces of the puzzle and put them together to work for you and your horse as a super team with new insight and a brighter future.