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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


As spring turns to summer, and riding season is truly upon us, I become both excited and nervous. Why?
The expectations that the season brings makes me at the same time eager to get out there and do things, and also afraid I won't measure up, or make the grade.
But who is the scorekeeper? I am! I am the one who sets my own goals, my own challenges, and my own measures of success. Whose voice tells me what is a job well done, and what is not?
This year, I promised myself to base my expectations on only what I feel my horse and I can or cannot do. If it is the same as last year, who cares? If it isn't as brilliant as the rider after me, so what? All I need to think about is: Did we do our best? What can we do better? Were we prepared for the goal?
If I focus on answering those questions, then I can accurately measure "success" based on how well we actually performed, rather than how it stacks up against others (or how I believe it compares).
So this summer, I'm going to prepare, set clear obtainable goals, and listen only to my heart and my horse instead of imaginary voices. And hopefully you will see us out there trying our best, and smiling about a job well done. Good luck to you all, whatever your season's goals are!

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