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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The harder we try, the less we accomplish?

Yesterday, during my lesson. I rode a horse that I have ridden a few times now.  He can be lazy, and requires a bit of leg/incentive to keep his energy moving forward without falling on his forehand.  I found myself working harder and harder to keep him going. I gripped with my legs and used my stick and gripped harder with my legs. I collapsed my body, so I could use more leg.  I began paying less and less attention to being in the moment, as my frustration began to rise.  I'm sure you can recall a time when you just wished your horse would do what you asked.  Well here's the thing, this horse is all about ease and flow and how you use your energy.  I of course had totally lost that and needed reminding about how this horse would be able to hear what I was asking for.
Finally after trying REALLY hard.  I was reminded of energy and flow and how if I were to become clearer and more fluid perhaps I might get more from this horse.  OMG what a life lesson.  Sometimes I get so focused on trying to create something that I forget about what it is I am really looking to do or have.  When I take the time to be in the moment, and stay with my horse with clear intent and energy my ride, my life, my work all flow with greater ease. Where could doing less with greater clarity be more in your life?

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